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with Sloth Rocket: Cath Roberts (baritone sax), Sam Andreae (tenor sax), Anton Hunter (guitar) and Seth Bennett (double bass).

with the Johnny Hunter Quartet, Graham South (trumpet), Ben Watte (tenor sax) and Stewart Wilson (bass)

with the Nat Birchall Quintet: Nat Birchall (sax), Adam Fairhall (piano), Corey Mwamba (vibes) and Mick Bardon (double bass).

with Yana, Corey Mwamba (vibes) and Dave Kane (double bass).

with Beck Hunters, Mick Beck (reeds & whistles) and Anton Hunter (guitar).

with Marley Chingus

with the Dub Jazz Soundsystem

with Benn Clatworthy (sax), Dave Spencer (bass) and Misha (piano)

“BBC Introducing…” with Dave Spencer (bass), Patrick Hurley (piano) and Nick Walters (trumpet)

with the Anton Hunter Trio – Anton Hunter (guitar) and James Adolpho (bass)


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