Last year, Skamel released a couple of Dub remixes of tunes from their album by Tullis Rennie and Barbatus, they will be releasing a couple more in the not too distant future which you’ll be able to download for free from their Bandcamp page. In the meantime, why not download the previous versions?

In October 2013, Skamel recorded a new tune specifically for an online release to raise money for Chester Zoo and Act For Wildlife’s October “Go Orange” Campaign.  100% of the money made from downloads, Skamel will give to the charity which is raising money to study and protect wild orangutans in Bornean rainforests.

You can also still download their album (£7) or buy the CD (£11 – limited stocks!) from their Bandcamp page.

Skamel, a sextet of jazz musicians, came together under the leadership of Johnny Hunter to explore the music of Raspigaous, a French Ska and Dub outfit. Since then the set has grown and grown to feature a number of original compositions and arrangements of various other tunes, all influenced by their love of jazz and inspired by the French Reggae scene. They have performed at many festivals around the country, such as Kendal Calling, the Manchester Jazz Festival, Solfest, Tramlines, Beat-Herder.  Individually, the musicians have many successes, having won awards such as ‘European Young Jazz Artists of the year, 2011′ and ‘Jazz FM’s Best UK Newcomer 2013′ and nominations for the London Jazz Awards 2012 & 2013 and ‘Ensemble of the Year’ in the Parliamentary Jazz Awards 2013.  The band features members of the critically acclaimed Beats & Pieces Big Band and established Manchester group Riot Jazz Brass Band.

James Adolpho (upright bass), Tim Cox (trombone), Anton Hunter (guitar), Johnny Hunter (drums), Nick Walters (trumpet) and Ian White (tenor sax).

“What a sound these guys get! The trumpet, trombone, tenor front-line could grace a Jazz Messengers line-up.” – Live review from ‘Be-Bop Spoken Here’

“one of the most exciting trumpet players I’ve heard for a long time”, “electronic wizardry by guitarist, Anton Hunter”Album review from ‘Be-Bop Spoken Here’

Skamel kicked things off in the live room with a barnstorming set of Ska and Rocksteady. They play with energy and skill and easily brought the crowd along for the ride. These guys are a seriously tight band that I can’t recommend enough and certainly my pick of the bunch tonight.” – Now Then Magazine, Live Review of Frozac @ Yellow Arch, Feb/Mar 2011

“I highly recommend checking them out for a slice of unadulterated merriment.” - Shelley Hanvey, E-Festivals

“… frenetic young band effortlessly delivering a punchy sound full of grooves and rhythms.” - Manchester Jazz Festival

“… a long-memorable evening of superb jazz, made all the better by reggae injections of varying degree. Given their provenance, this will be no surprise perhaps, yet for all that, as an ensemble, these guys have got the lot!” - JATP, Bradford

Isabel Benitez interviews bandleader, Johnny Hunter, HERE.  And in Spanish HERE…

Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio


Shout out to: Sam Andreae [tenor sax], Alex Baker [tenor sax], Chris Birch [trombone], Owen Bryce [trumpet], Rodrigo Constanzo [sideways bass], Ben Cottrell [tenor/bari sax], Ed Horsey [trombone], Simon Lodge [trombone], Kyran Matthews [tenor sax], Graham South [trumpet], Dave Spencer [stick bass], Paul Strachan [trombone], Sam Warner [trumpet]

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  1. Been at Airtight Studios over the weekend recording the album; it went really well despite the near-sauna temperatures. It should be available to buy around October this year! Keep checking back for updates, or you can ask to be added to our mailing list by e-mailing