Anton Hunter Trio Post-Rock inspired contemporary Jazz
Beck Hunters Free Improv from Mick Beck and the Hunter brothers
Blind Monk Trio Liverpool-based saxophone led “Heavy Root Jazz” trio
Dub Jazz Soundsystem Psychedelic Modal Dub Jazz Reggae
Engine Room Favourites Martin Archer’s AACM influenced large ensemble (with four drummers!)
Fragments Trio Piano trio blurring the line between the written and improvised
Hugo Corbin Quartet Parisian guitarist
Johnny Hunter Quartet Contemporary Jazz from a pianoless quartet
Marley Chingus Liverpool-based modal Jazz outfit
Mick Beck’s Tunes Ahoy! One of Britain’s foremost Free Improv saxophonists playing tunes
Prince/Adolpho/Constanzo/Hunter Drum heavy Free Jazz quartet
Skamel Jazz/Dub/Reggae inspired by the French Reggae scene