Adam Fairhall Pianist, improviser and composer
Angela Guyton Incredible Colombian-American artist
Anton Hunter “Bearded Jazz guitarist” and Noise Upstairs founder
Beats & Pieces Big Band Contemporary Jazz Big Band led by Ben Cottrell
Cath Roberts Leader of Sloth Racket and co-founder of LUME
Dee Byrne Leader of Entropi and co-founder of LUME
The Dub Jazz Soundsystem Psychedelic Modal Dub Jazz Reggae
Efpi Records Independent Manchester-based record label
HAQ Anton Hunter and Sam Andreae’s quartet
Hervé Perez Sheffield-based Free sax and laptop musician
Mark Hanslip North western tenor saxophonist
Mick Beck Free Jazz Sax, Bassoon and Whistle
Noise Upstairs Free Improvisation collective
Rod Constanzo Spanish-American improviser and composer
Skamel 6-piece Ska/Jazz/Dub
Tom Harrison London-based saxophonist and flautist