Benn Clatworthy and more…

I had a great run of gigs over the last few days.  Thursday and Friday with Benn Clatworthy, Tony Ormesher and Dave Spencer were special.  It was great to get to play with Benn again, he has such an awesome sound and an incredible command over, not just his instrument, but the whole room.  I could listen to him for ages.  Loved it.

On Saturday I was up at Zeffirelli’s (goood foood) in Ambleside with Brian Acton‘s quartet.  They play a great selection of tunes and they have an ace groove.  It was very different to the rest of the week’s gigs; I really enjoyed it.  Having said that, I always thought spending St. Patrick’s Day with two Irishmen would’ve been a little different…

It doesn’t stop there, either.  Tomorrow night I am down in Birmingham playing for the FiZZLE Free Improv nights with my brother and Mick Beck.  I’m looking forward to it.

Bobby Durham Transcription

Noreen’s Nocturne – B. Durham (pdf)

Just finished a transcription of some eights traded between Oscar Peterson and Bobby Durham on ‘Noreen’s Nocturne’ from the album ‘Exclusively For My Friends’. Oscar was one of the first Jazz artists I got into and this recording was a particular favourite.  The reason I chose to transcribe this was because, at 16 years old, I’d tried to work them out but failed miserably so I thought I’d give it another go…  Even though my tastes have obviously developed and changed since then, I still love this album and Bobby’s playing on it.

The tune pushes 300 bpm but Bobby still manages to really swing each quaver which is hard at that tempo!  Well, I find it difficult.  In the very first bar he accents the second of the three triplets in beats 1 and 3 then goes on to end a lot of his phrases like that too.  I also love all of his huge resolutions on beat 4, that pleases the Reggae drummer in me!

I’ve not written any sticking patterns partly because I’m still finding my way through it and partly because I’m lazy, although the majority is made up of 6-stroke rolls (RLLRRL) or other inversions of the paradiddle-diddle.

New project at the Noise Upstairs

I had a great time on Thursday night at the Manchester Noise Upstairs playing with a newly formed group featuring Simon Prince (tenor sax), James Adolpho (double bass), Rodrigo Constanzo (drums) and myself (also drums).  Two drummers!  Fun.

You can check out the results at the Noise Upstairs website (click here).  Incidentally, it is not, never has been, or never will be called “Drums”…

Also had fun the following day at Keith Jafrate’s playing with the brilliant duo, Wolf Scarers!  Hopefully you’ll be able to hear the outcome of that soon.